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Susan specializes in complex property issues related to marital dissolution, or divorce. She has represented the owners of many closely held businesses and business executives. She has assisted parties to creatively and fairly resolve complex financial issues when "splitting the baby" just isn't an option.


Mediation allows parties to work through the many issues that are necessary to finalize a divorce. Susan works with parties, who may or may not be represented by attorneys, to assist them through the divorce process. Mediation often produces superior results than litigation, and may reduce the expense of divorce. And unlike arbitration, the results are always voluntary; no settlement is finalized without your consent.

Collaborative Law

Susan was one of the early leaders in the practice of collaborative law in Washington. In a collaborative divorce, both parties are represented by counsel, and the parties agree to resolve their disputes outside of litigation. The benefits of collaborative practice include preserving privacy, maintaining the parties' control over decisions regarding their children and finances, and providing a framework for co-parenting in the future.

Practice Areas

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